Any little bit would help

Hey every one!! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone would help us raise money for my cousins baby girl MINTY! My cousin always wanted kids but was never blessed with any, about two years ago the doctors told her there was hope! After a lot a money and surgery she got pregnant!!! A beautiful baby girl was born about 4 months ago and has spent her first 3 months in the hospital, sometimes fighting for her life. Finally she was able to go home but she still needs oxygen and other help, my cousin and her husband have had to miss a lot of work, and have a lot of hospital bills! If you could find it in your heart to help them it would be amazing! I’m putting there go fund me page link at the bottom of this post, Thank you and have a great and blessed holiday!!


Garden planning

Hey Y’all!!! It’s that time again!!! Time to start planning this years garden!! I can’t wait to try out my new in ground garden!! Since at our old house I could only do container gardening due to the hills and trees I’m very excited about this years garden being in the ground. So let the planning begin!!

I recommend getting a notebook for your gardening ideas and plans. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, I get mine from the Dollar Tree. As you think about what you want to grow or how you want to setup your garden just jot it down in your book. I also set aside the first couple pages for information that can be used for reference, like the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. That always confuses me!!

As you plan your garden try to draw your garden plot. Knowing how big your plot is helps a lot, with that information you can sketch out on paper or even make it on the computer and print it out. To make sure each plant has enough room I make my sketch’s in to a square foot plot. Since this year I have a 8ft by 8ft plot , I’ve marked off every foot with twine, leaving me with a 64 square foot plot. Then you can write in what plants you want where and other information like trellises and foot paths. From there it’s a lot easier to see what your planning.

One thing to keep in mind when figuring out where you are going to put your plants, is how do the plants get along also called companion plants. Companion plants are plants that when planted close to each other will benefit each other is some way, whether it’s protection from pest or putting nutrients back in the soil, there many different ways that planting companions can help your garden. But just like everything else were there’s a good there’s a bad! Some plants shouldn’t be planted near each other, usually it’s due to the fact that they both use the same nutrients from the soil and it becomes a competition for survival. A good book to read is called Carrots love tomatoes and you can get it used on EBAY for under 5 dollars.

In each square foot you can plant a different number of seeds depending on what your planting there. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squashes, and okra are some of the plants that you should only plant one seed per square foot. I found this years ago on the internet and it’s a good guide for how many seeds should be planted in a square foot.Have fun and play around with your gardening plans, theres no rush to complete it right away. One last tip before you start planting is check when your area normally has its last frost. Some plants can tolerate a frost and some cold weather, but most can’t and it’s best to plant them about 2-4 weeks after the last frost when the soil has warmed up. Here’s a good website to look up your frost date.

Thank you for reading and I hope your garden grows with love and happiness!! If you would like to donate to help my garden grow it would be greatly appreciated! Just click the link above! 🌱Happy growing

Plans for a plant sale!

One of my biggest dreams is to one day have a commercial plant nursery of my very own.  I hope this dream comes true one day but for now I’m going to try to start a small backyard nursery!! 

To make things run smoothly you need to make a business plan. There’s so many different ways to do this. You can do it yourself or pay someone big bucks to do it for you.  I’m going to do mine on my own! The main key points you need to plan are: 

  • Plants: What plants are you going to sell? If your doing different plants it might be a good idea to write how many of each plant you want to grow so you have a grand total.        Example-I’m going to do tomatoes and peppers, but I’m going to do 4 different types of tomatoes and 4 different types of peppers, I’m going to do 25 seeds of each type so I’ll have 200 plants. This will also help you when it come to buying your supplies because you will know exactly how many seeds and pots you will need.
  • Supplies needed:  Once you have a idea what you want to grow you will need to get supplies. Knowing how many plants will help you determine how much seed starting mix you’ll need, how many packs of seeds and how many pots you’ll need. I recommend using a type of peat pots, they help the plant absorb water and your customers will be able to put their plants straight in the ground with out worrying about damaging the roots.
  • Cost: This is an important issue! When you are gathering your supplies take note of how much you are spending.  Your supplies will cost money but it’s money well spent and in the end you will make money.  When you are pricing your plants look in to how much places like Lowe’s, Walmart and other stores sell their plants for. Use this as a guide for how much to price your plants for. Example: around here plants go for anywhere between $3-5 dollars so I’ll price mine about $2 dollars. 
  • Dates: Once you pick your plant sell date and you know what you want to grow you need to figure out when to start your seeds.  Most tomatoes need to be started indoors about 8- 12 weeks before the last frost. Peppers are about the same except for hot peppers they tend to grow slower then the sweet peppers so you might think about starting them a few weeks early then the rest.
  • Advertising: This is the most important part, you need customers lots and lots of customers. Put signs up we’re you can and use Facebook and other social app to get the word out about your plants! 

Remember that you can always grow more next year, don’t grow so much that you get overwhelmed,  learn from everything and even take notes.  Enjoy your self!!! Good luck!!!


Hey everyone if you haven’t heard yet….We bought our first home!!!! Now it’s time to make it our own!!! I’m going to start with my garden…of course! Our house now sits on flattish tree free land, it’s definitely better then then down hill tree infested yard we use to have!!! Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with trees, but when your trying to grow a garden they can get in the way very quickly and I don’t like cutting down trees unless it HAS TO BE DONE!!!

My new garden has taken a little time to plan, I first was going to do it in our back yard, which is fenced in, YAY maybe the deer won’t get it!!!! But first thing first before you do any kind of digging or tilling you must call and get your lines marked by Miss Utility-811!! If not you could cause yourselves a lot of trouble, around here there’s a 2,500$ fee if you cut a line while digging, or worse you could hit the in ground power or gas line and severely injure yourself!!! So after having my lines marked I found that power lines run through my back yard and of course they are right in the middle of where I was going to put the garden!! So I went back to the drawing board.

When we bought the house there was a very over grown flower bed in the front yard. I had originally planned on giving it some TLC and giving it a facelift but as I worked on it I realized this would be the perfect spot for the garden. It gets 6+ hours of sun, there’s no lines in the front yard and I’ll be able to watch the garden grow out our living room windows.

Now the only problem is how do I turn this:In to a garden ????

First thing that needed to be done was to dig up all the plants and transplanting them else were. I decided to move what plants I could in to the back yard. But as I cleared it I realized there were Irises everywhere, more then I could ever want!! I wound up giving some away to the people in the neighborhood. It took 2 weeks but I finally got all the transplanting and cleaning done. The wood needed to be replaced so that whatever the previous owners had put on them didn’t leach in the the veggies and honestly I really didn’t care for the shape as far as a garden goes. So I took a trip to Lowe’s and bought 4 untreated 2x4x8s, and made a 8×8 square for the vegetables to go in. Since the previous bed was bigger I was left with an area with no grass. So I decided to take 3 of the old pieces of lumber and made a flower bed on the side of the garden. Since I was still finding bulbs and weeds growing weeks after I had cleared the area I decided to put down a weed barrier down.

After all that work it was finally time to put some good soil down. A while back I published a post called Container gardening  . In it I talked about how to make really good soil. The soil that I made last spring is still good, and since we rented our old house from my husbands parents, my soil was easy to get when I was ready for it. The only thing is I drive a minivan not a truck, so it took a couple of trips back and forth with a 35 gallon trash can and a bunch of  5 gallon buckets. But in the end it was worth it!! The garden is now ready for the fall planting!!!

Something’s I’ve learned while trying to save money and buy a house!!

I’m sure there are those of you out there that have bought a house before, but for me and my family this is the first house we’ve bought!! For the last 6 years we have been renting my husbands parents house. Recently we decided to look for a new house, and after almost 9 months of looking we found one, now we are going through the motions of buying the house. Now it’s time to start saving money, going through all of our stuff, and packing. And all this is being done with less then 8 weeks before schools starts again!!!

My first thoughts weren’t about the packing or even the tossing of not needed items, it was about having to buy school supplies and clothes while trying to save as much money as possible.  How am I going to do this?? I took a couple of days to think about it and I’ve come up with a few things that can be done to ease the school supplies/ clothes headache. 

One thing that I deal with multiple times during the school year is buying clothes mainly jeans because my kids either grow taller or wear holes in the knees. So instead of throwing them away or donating them I’ve started turning the full length jeans in to shorts. Not only does this save money but also you get to control how short the shorts are, and if you have daughters like me this can be a blessing!!! It’s pretty simple to do : first I have my daughter put the pants on, then I use a sharpie and a string or something that can wrap around the leg to mark where you will be cutting. If you plan on hemming them then make them a little longer then what you want so you can fold the edge in.  After cutting on your line you can leave it as is, but the area were you cut will start to unravel and tangle. What I do is fold over the edge of the pants and hem it, this can be done by hand but it does look neater if done with a sewing machine or at least it does when I do it!!! 

That helps a little with the school clothes, but now we still have to buy school supplies!! Since I now have a 5th and 1st grader this can get costly! As I read over the supply list I realized that some of theses items can be used from the previous school year: the big tee shirt that is used for an art smock, the clip boards, and any extra supplies that didn’t get used in the class room that was sent home at the end of the year. Even the book bags can be washed and used for the next school year. Most of the rest can be purchased at the dollar tree like the red and blue ballpoint pens, sharpened #2 pencils, packs of paper, index cards, hi lighters, dry erase markers, even composition books and there are other things that I’m sure I’m forgetting that can be bought there too!!

Now that the school area is covered I can start worrying about going through the house and packing it! Before anything can get started it’s best to make an area where your boxes and bags are going to go so there out of the way. This will help your house feel less cluttered while your packing. When you go through your house make a couple different piles. I have 4 piles: throw away, donate, sell and keep. Throw away and donate can be put in trash bags, but selling and keeping work better in boxes. Which can also get costly especially when your trying to save money. There’s an app called Nextdoor, it’s a neighborhood social app. On there you can send messages to your neighbors and people in your surrounding neighborhoods, you can also post things that you have for sell or things you want to give away for free like MOVING BOXES!!!!  I saw a post for free moving boxes that someone was going to leave on the curb so I got my husband to swing by the address and we got enough boxes to move 2 houses and they are good boxes too. 

Another thing I’ve run in to while on this adventure of buying a house is wanting new things. I don’t want to take our old beat up stuff to our new home, but were trying to save money so I can’t just run out and buy a new living room set!! So I’ve started looking around at thrift stores and even on the nextdoor app. I was able to find a dishwasher that is in perfect condition for 60 dollars the only reason they were getting rid of it was because it didn’t match their new fridge and stove so they bought a new dishwasher to match. This is were the selling pile comes in to play, you can sell the  things that you don’t want anymore to make money to buy the things you want.  I use eBay and the nextdoor app to help me sell our unwanted items. 

I’m sure there’s still tons for me to learn durning this adventure we’re on, but for now I have a house to go through and rooms to pack.