Plans for a plant sale!

One of my biggest dreams is to one day have a commercial plant nursery of my very own.  I hope this dream comes true one day but for now I’m going to try to start a small backyard nursery!! 

To make things run smoothly you need to make a business plan. There’s so many different ways to do this. You can do it yourself or pay someone big bucks to do it for you.  I’m going to do mine on my own! The main key points you need to plan are: 

  • Plants: What plants are you going to sell? If your doing different plants it might be a good idea to write how many of each plant you want to grow so you have a grand total.        Example-I’m going to do tomatoes and peppers, but I’m going to do 4 different types of tomatoes and 4 different types of peppers, I’m going to do 25 seeds of each type so I’ll have 200 plants. This will also help you when it come to buying your supplies because you will know exactly how many seeds and pots you will need.
  • Supplies needed:  Once you have a idea what you want to grow you will need to get supplies. Knowing how many plants will help you determine how much seed starting mix you’ll need, how many packs of seeds and how many pots you’ll need. I recommend using a type of peat pots, they help the plant absorb water and your customers will be able to put their plants straight in the ground with out worrying about damaging the roots.
  • Cost: This is an important issue! When you are gathering your supplies take note of how much you are spending.  Your supplies will cost money but it’s money well spent and in the end you will make money.  When you are pricing your plants look in to how much places like Lowe’s, Walmart and other stores sell their plants for. Use this as a guide for how much to price your plants for. Example: around here plants go for anywhere between $3-5 dollars so I’ll price mine about $2 dollars. 
  • Dates: Once you pick your plant sell date and you know what you want to grow you need to figure out when to start your seeds.  Most tomatoes need to be started indoors about 8- 12 weeks before the last frost. Peppers are about the same except for hot peppers they tend to grow slower then the sweet peppers so you might think about starting them a few weeks early then the rest.
  • Advertising: This is the most important part, you need customers lots and lots of customers. Put signs up we’re you can and use Facebook and other social app to get the word out about your plants! 

Remember that you can always grow more next year, don’t grow so much that you get overwhelmed,  learn from everything and even take notes.  Enjoy your self!!! Good luck!!!

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