Hey everyone if you haven’t heard yet….We bought our first home!!!! Now it’s time to make it our own!!! I’m going to start with my garden…of course! Our house now sits on flattish tree free land, it’s definitely better then then down hill tree infested yard we use to have!!! Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with trees, but when your trying to grow a garden they can get in the way very quickly and I don’t like cutting down trees unless it HAS TO BE DONE!!!

My new garden has taken a little time to plan, I first was going to do it in our back yard, which is fenced in, YAY maybe the deer won’t get it!!!! But first thing first before you do any kind of digging or tilling you must call and get your lines marked by Miss Utility-811!! If not you could cause yourselves a lot of trouble, around here there’s a 2,500$ fee if you cut a line while digging, or worse you could hit the in ground power or gas line and severely injure yourself!!! So after having my lines marked I found that power lines run through my back yard and of course they are right in the middle of where I was going to put the garden!! So I went back to the drawing board.

When we bought the house there was a very over grown flower bed in the front yard. I had originally planned on giving it some TLC and giving it a facelift but as I worked on it I realized this would be the perfect spot for the garden. It gets 6+ hours of sun, there’s no lines in the front yard and I’ll be able to watch the garden grow out our living room windows.

Now the only problem is how do I turn this:In to a garden ????

First thing that needed to be done was to dig up all the plants and transplanting them else were. I decided to move what plants I could in to the back yard. But as I cleared it I realized there were Irises everywhere, more then I could ever want!! I wound up giving some away to the people in the neighborhood. It took 2 weeks but I finally got all the transplanting and cleaning done. The wood needed to be replaced so that whatever the previous owners had put on them didn’t leach in the the veggies and honestly I really didn’t care for the shape as far as a garden goes. So I took a trip to Lowe’s and bought 4 untreated 2x4x8s, and made a 8×8 square for the vegetables to go in. Since the previous bed was bigger I was left with an area with no grass. So I decided to take 3 of the old pieces of lumber and made a flower bed on the side of the garden. Since I was still finding bulbs and weeds growing weeks after I had cleared the area I decided to put down a weed barrier down.

After all that work it was finally time to put some good soil down. A while back I published a post called Container gardening  . In it I talked about how to make really good soil. The soil that I made last spring is still good, and since we rented our old house from my husbands parents, my soil was easy to get when I was ready for it. The only thing is I drive a minivan not a truck, so it took a couple of trips back and forth with a 35 gallon trash can and a bunch of  5 gallon buckets. But in the end it was worth it!! The garden is now ready for the fall planting!!!

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