Cheap and fun summer activities for kids

It’s that time again, the kiddos are on summer vacation!!!! As a stay at home mom  this can be a very stressful time. 11 whole weeks of “Mommy we’re bored” and ” what can we do?”. I’ve been looking up different fun and cheap things for my crew to do so that there’s  NO BOREDOM this summer. Here’s some of the ideas I found, check them out:

  1. Going to the zoo-  this is always fun to do with my crew. This summer will be the first time my youngest will go and ACTUALLY be interested. We’ve gone before but she was only about 6 months old then and napped in the stroller almost the whole time.
  2. Walking in the park/ scavenger hunt- this is pretty cool. While I was playing on Pinterest I saw these scavenger hunt printables. It look pretty easy to create your own. Just make a list of plants, animals, colors or anything else you can think of, and have your kids(s) look for them when you go on your walk.
  3. T.P. Bird feeders- my kids are excited about this one. Save a couple of your toilet paper rolls then spread peanut butter on the roll and then you roll it through bird seed and BOOM your done!! If you don’t want to use peanut butter I would try honey or something else that is thick and sticky
  4. Marshmallow shooters- this ones a fun one and it pretty easy to make. All you need to do is find some plastic cups, I grabbed mine from Dollar Tree, and some balloons. When ready just cut the bottom off the cups about a third of the way down( if you have the cup upside down). When you go to put the balloons on tie the mouth first like you would when you blow them up, then cut about a third of the ballon off (off the top of the ballon not the mouth piece side). Then slid the open part of the ballon over the cut end of the cup.  All that’s left to do is grab some marshmallows. Put them inside the cup and pull back on the tied end of the ballon then release.  You can use puff balls if you want to do it in the house I don’t recommend using marshmallows in the house, we did it on the back porch and the next morning we had ants everywhere.
  5. Tie-dye tee shirts- This sounds like so much fun, I think this will be one of the first things we do. All you need is some white tee shirts and a tie-dye kit. I got my kit and shirts from Walmart but I’ve seen them on Amazon and eBay before. You can find different ways to do patterns on Pinterest. I’m going to get the kids each a white pillow case to do.
  6. Soft play dough- This one sounds easy enough you just mix 1 cup of conditioner, 2 cups of cornstarch,  a couple drops of food coloring and/ or glitter. When ready to put away just put in a ziplock or a container with a lid.
  7. Painting flower pots– you can get clay flower pots, paint brushes and paints at the Dollar Store. Grab a table cloth while your there for easy clean up.
  8. Going to the library-  The kids love to go check out books and movies but that isn’t all that you can do. Our library host lots of cool activities to do during the summer. Check out your local library and see what’s going on!

There’s tons more ideas out there. Hope you have a good summer!!!!

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